Easing into Simple Exercise

We all know the importance of exercise and the benefits of undertaking regular exercise. It doesn't have to difficult or leave you with aching muscles and completely out of breath either. Just enjoying a walk has many benefits - and it's particularly pleasant walking on a lovely Spring Day.

If you aren't doing any exercise but know you need to start, here are some options to consider to get you started - baby steps are fine!

- start with a 15 minute walk around the block every second day.

- join a local pilates class (some councils have free ones). Pilates was developed for patients in hospitals to be able to exercise whilst laying bed, and it is very effective.

- download an exercise App where you can choose different levels of exercise and do them at your own pace. Our favourite is: https://travelraus.com/

Exercise provides so many benefits such as:

- improved mental health

- helps decrease your risk of falls (as your muscles become stronger)

- improved cognitive function - our central nervous system loves that fresh air

- improved overall mobility

- can help with weight loss, and can reduce appetite.

So next time your bored, or thinking about eating something a bit naughty try going for a short walk first and enjoy how you feel when you are finished!

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