About our meals

Using locally sourced Australian fresh produce, our gourmet meals are pressure cooked in the pouch ensuring maximum nutrition, aroma and flavour are sealed in.

The Diabetes Kitchen home delivered meals                   
All meals have the carbohydrate, sugar and calorific content clearly colour coded on the front, to make mealtime choice much easier for those managing diabetes.

The benefits of our Gourmet Pouch include:

  • easy to snip notch at top of pouch
  • suitable for all ages
  • vegetarian options
  • most meals are gluten free
  • so easy to reheat
  • shelf stable - just store in pantry
  • ideal for people on the go - take your meal anywhere!
  • food tastes fresher, looks fresher and retains its nutritional value much better than frozen or fresh ready to eat meals

   Our meals are a generous 350gm single serving and very satisfying on their own.  Our good friend Professor Kouris (of Total Nutrition) recommends adding a can of drained beans to any of our meals to make these a 2 person meal, or a large 1 person meal. Legumes are lower GI than Basmati rice and legumes have been shown to be
particularly good at lowering blood sugars in people with diabetes.


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So convenient, cost-effective and super easy to manage whether you’re dining at home, taking them to work or school, or travelling.
We are proudly Australian owned and operated and use Australian meats and vegetables.
HACCP approved




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