Meals - 5 Day Lunch & Dinner Plan
Meals - 5 Day Lunch & Dinner Plan
Meals - 5 Day Lunch & Dinner Plan
Meals - 5 Day Lunch & Dinner Plan

5 Day Lunch & Dinner Plan

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Treat yourself with our ready made lunches and dinners for 5 days a week. Simply reheat and enjoy the delicious flavours.

If you're happy making your own breakfast, then this is the plan for you.

You'll get lunch,  snacks, and dinner for 5 days. Lunch is a delicious healthy soup for 4 days and a vanilla meal replacement for the 5th day - along with a healthy choc biscuit each day. Dinner is a large 350gm meal serving which you simply reheat- nothing more to add.

Less than 400 calories in every meal. 

You'll receive:

  • Slow Cooked Bean & Veggie Tagine (in a thick herbed sauce)
  • Luscious Chicken & Leek Casserole (in smokey bacon and cream sauce) 
  • Pumpkin, Fetta and Spinach Risotto
  • Moroccan Chicken (with 5 veggies) 
  • Succulent Beef & Veggie Hot Pot (in a rich tomato-based sauce)
  • 14 mixed  Skinnybiks for snacks
  • Chicken and Corn Soup (2 serves)
  • Pumpkin and Coconut Soup (2 serves)
  • I meal replacement 

Note: Each serving of soup provides 2 small serves. Just add more soups of your choice for a larger lunch. You can choose some more soups here.

Ingredients and Nutritional information for each meal can be found here.

Our meals have uniquely colour coded carbohydrate and sugar contents to help make meal time choice simpler. Please be sure to check with your qualified health professional before embarking on any new diet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Alick Locke
5 day lunck & dinner plan?


Elisabetta Tanti

These meals are so tasty but the only one downside is that I have found them to be just a bit watery
It would also be nice to have more variety meal packages

Quite good - great variety

The Skinny Biks were quite tasty and good. Still haven't tried all the items yet though as bought several packs together.

Robin Pernice-Stevens
5 day Plan

Loved it. No worries about having to calculate carbs etc. Food was outstanding.

Better than my cooking

Especially loved the chicken and corn soup - just like my local Chinese - and the pumpkin , fetta & spinach risotto. I added some baby spinach to the risotto. I also
really enjoyed the beef ravioli but I did add about a teaspoon of parmesan which added a little salt. I have yet to find a meal that I don't like.



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