Beanopini Tangy Turmeric
Beanopini Tangy Turmeric

Beanopini Tangy Turmeric

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When a super spice meets a superfood, amazing things happen!

Lupin beans infused with a beautiful golden spice taste, tangy and delicious, it’s also rich in antioxidants, helps digestion, improves circulation and is an all-round nutritional wonder.


These little beans are the ideal go-to snack, packing in more nutrients than many other snacks out there.

Australian grown, they are soaked and rinsed to remove any bitterness, then pickled and vacuum packed.

You can enjoy them with their shells, or press the bean out - your choice!

2 x 100gm packs.

  • Naturally nutritious, healthy and easy, on-the-go snacking
  • Packed with more protein and fibre per calorie than most other plant-based sources!
  • Slow-release energy to feel ‘full of beans’ for longer

tangy beans from the diabetes kitchen



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